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General update on things

Posted Oct 12, 2009. Leave a comment?

Wow, the characters: tv update came and made me a very happy woman: I was approved for Derek Morgan!

At the moment I am working on new codes and the move of another fanlisting, the one for Licence to kill.

Later this week I hope I can finish Derek’s listing already and sent out affiliate requests for both my Criminal Minds and James Bond related fanlistings.

Oh and in case anyone wondered (which I doubt since nobody but me reads this), the other applications I have going are in Movies: Ivanhoe (1952), Songs: Female Solo: Umbrella by Rihanna and Adult: Penises.

Actually, it is kind of ridiculous how many awesome subjects do not have a listing anymore. But first I need to move another couple of listings to their hopefully final location with a new layout and a decent amount of buttons before applying anymore.


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