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Re-Vamp Frenzy

Posted Dec 5, 2009. Leave a comment?

While I should be learning for university I found myself hindered by ongoing headache and other stuff.

For some reason I found the creative energies for two new layouts, lots of new buttons.

However, I am ashamed to say, a lot of my fanlistings are still without codes. I thought I’d be quicker with re-uploading and re-creating of codes but it takes longer. My sincerest apologies for that. But I am working on it and the new buttons will be sooo much prettier, I promise.

As far as moving the fanlistings goes—I am not even halfway though but then again I am in no hurry. This is move is just a measure to help me keep things more organised. I know link changes are a bit annoying—but I do keep a 404 page handy where people who click on the dead links will end up and they can find their way from there.


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