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2 Apps pending and General Update

Posted Jan 9, 2010. Leave a comment?

No posts this year—so I thought I mention the state of things.

Currently I am working on stuff for the university. Inbetween, I am updating those listings where nobody has joined—but I am in no hurry as I did the last update 4-5 weeks ago, so I am still covered. Not to mention some listings got new members, not just those who get them regularly.

I finished the fanlisting for [url=http://atasteofbloodwine.bloody-fangs.org]A taste of Blood Wine[/url] by Freda Warrington—so I only have two other applications pending: both Blade II related. The fanlisting for Priest (my 2nd favourite Bloodpack member) and the listing for the pack itself. Could not resist. Part of me is sad that they have been removed … hopefully some of the members will re-join. (Yeah, I guess I am pretty much counting on being approved, as they are not exactly highly popular subjects although they should be. Hell, the Bloodpack should get their own movie!)


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