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These past days (and month)

Posted Oct 12, 2008. Leave a comment?

Unfortunately I had little time in the past month do do more than just updating and adding member’s on the fan- and hatelistings. I hope that despite the new semester sounding rather stressful I will have time to take a proper look and maybe re-design a few layouts, add some extras and most of all buttons to all listings.

Last re-vamp was the [+]Agents (Matrix Series) fanlisting, I also did a general update of most listings over the past few days, so that people can see that I do update regularly. I am always impressed to see that even for older and smaller lists someone eventually will sign up.

At the beginning, my root path was changed again, so I had a lot of work replacing all the links, today I changed the last one, the one for the updates blog here, everything else was already finished a week ago. The reason for the root path change was an upgrade to a cheaper package with more databases and all the same nice features I had before.

There is a lot of things on my online to do list, and making codes and adding certain extras to some fanlistings are right at the top. But I also have this urge to work on the Murder by Death fanlisting. Let’s see what it will be ;)


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