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Beyond the Crystal Ring
The "A Taste of Blood Wine" fanlisting
Beyond the Crystal Ring - A Taste of Blood Wine A book proves that you can adapt the vampire mythos and still have vampires. A beautiful story about a vampire who falls in love with a mortal girl for her mind and spirit.
Open since: 05th January 2010
Last updated: 12th June 2020
Members (pending): 2 (0)
Out There
The "Battlestar Galactica Classic Book Series" fanlisting
Out There - Battlestar Galactica Classic Book Series The classic book series, includes novelizations of episodes from the show, as well as completely new stories and scenes not shown during episodes. These 14 amazing books are written by Glen Larson with a number of co-writers.
Open since: 17th April 2005
Last updated: 12th June 2020
Members (pending): 2 (0)
Modern Love
The "Bloodsucking fiends" fanlisting
Modern Love - Bloodsucking fiends
Open since: 09th April 2004
Last updated: 12th June 2020
Members (pending): 8 (0)
Signs and Portents
The "Dark Visions Trilogy" fanlisting
Signs and Portents - Dark Visions Trilogy
Open since: 08th March 2009
Last updated: 12th June 2020
Members (pending): 24 (0)
Just one note
The "Der Wunschpunsch / Night of Wishes" fanlisting
Just one note - Der Wunschpunsch / Night of Wishes Michael Ende's Night of Wishes or "Der Satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch" is a children's book featuring elaborate play with the language. It is a story about two evil wizards and the two animals who were sent to stop them from doing harm.
Open since: 27th May 2005
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 18 (0)
The "Magic Kingdom of Landover Series" fanlisting
Magical - Magic Kingdom of Landover Series
Open since: 03rd August 2005
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 17 (0)
London below
The "Neil Gaiman`s Neverwhere" fanlisting
London below - Neil Gaiman`s Neverwhere "Neverwhere" is a tv show written by Neil Gaimain, while working at it he wrote the book of the same title. The story is set in London or rather in the world below London. The fanlisting for the book was adopted from Michi
Open since: 02nd April 2006
Last updated: 12th June 2020
Members (pending): 79 (7)
Demiplane of Mists
The "Ravenloft Books" fanlisting
Demiplane of Mists - Ravenloft Books
Open since: 01st September 2005
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 26 (0)

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