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Power Driven
The "Baltar, Lucifer and Spectre Relationship" fanlisting
Power Driven - Baltar, Lucifer and Spectre Relationship Anyone familiar with the Classic Battlestar Galactica Book series will know the fascinating relationship between these three individuals who all three dream of becoming the new number one in the Cylon Empire.
Open since: 23rd April 2006
Last updated: 12th June 2020
Members (pending): 3 (0)
It's never easy
The "Harry and Norman Osborn" fanlisting
It's never easy - Harry and Norman Osborn Being the son of a successful father is never easier, Norman and Harry Osborn from the first "Spider-Man" are good example. The strange thing being that Norman's "new guest personality" helped him cross the bridge so many father's can't find.
Open since: 28th January 2007
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 17 (0)
Dark Passion
The "Lucas Buck / Gail Emory Relationship" fanlisting
Dark Passion - Lucas Buck / Gail Emory Relationship
Open since: 01st April 2005
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 23 (0)
The "Lucifer and Starbuck Relationship" fanlisting
Fascination - Lucifer and Starbuck Relationship
Open since: 19th April 2006
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 5 (0)
The "Matthew Gideon / Elizabeth Lochley" fanlisting
Adrenalin - Matthew Gideon / Elizabeth Lochley
Open since: 27th February 2005
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 8 (0)
Well, actually maybe
The "Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hopper" fanlisting
Well, actually maybe - Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hopper
Open since: 15th January 2013
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 7 (0)
Common Past
The "Vladislaus Dragulia / Gabriel Van Helsing Relationship" fanlisting
Common Past - Vladislaus Dragulia / Gabriel Van Helsing Relationship The mysterious relationship the hero and the villain from the movie "Van Helsing" share is not all together clear and originated way back in the past.

Adopted from Anukk.
Open since: 17th December 2006
Last updated: 17th May 2020
Members (pending): 100 (0)

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