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Oh boy …

Posted Mar 17, 2014. Leave a comment?

I know I’m lousy with updates like this on good weeks but I haven’t said anything for years.

This collective moved to fl.tanfana.net as tanfana.net will now be my fanart collective from now on.

I had some problems with the sites in general had to take a lot down—but now that the Fanlistings Network is back, I’ve decided to bring mine back as well. Hadn’t noticed how much I missed them!

Will try to get them all back in shape but for now at least the required parts seem to function flawless again.

Less Time and Energy

Posted Mar 9, 2012. Leave a comment?

I feel bad about not having as much time for fanlistings lately—but I try and update all of my listings and occasionally I do open a new one. I hope by the end of the year things will be less hectic—however, there is no guarantee. If I have to move again then I am probably unable to do much creative stuff for at least another year.

But things are looking better and I feel less gloomy in general.

Downtime and partial solution

Posted Jul 6, 2011. Leave a comment?

It seems at least for my fanlistings I found a solution. The default .php was tied to an older php version and that was not working anymore. I reset it to the new version and now I just checking through the listings making sure everything is alright. Because there is something I still need to do. Change the rooth pah.

But at least that is the good thing that came out of this mess—I found out that I as customer have an individual never chaning rooth path, that is different from the one I used which is bound to change due to maintainance.

Now, I am just worried about the hack on my hatelistings.net site and the fact that my main page does not work either for some reason. Hopefully the tech support can help me.

Long overdue Update

Posted Feb 12, 2011. Leave a comment?

Haven’t posted anything here in ages.

Been busy but lately found some time and also energy to work on my fanlistings. Probably inspired by getting one of my top wishlisters. I gotten a lot of wishes fulfilled regarding fanlistings but this one is outstanding.

I am talking about my approval for the Commodus fanlisting. As you can see I already finished it and also made a few icons.

Today, I also managed to create the owned pics for a few other great approvals of the last month: Commodus, Methos, Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode and Kindred: The Embraced. You can check them out if you clicked on owned.

I am still in the process of creating more buttons to upload to several currently buttonless listings.

Some updates

Posted Oct 3, 2010. Leave a comment?

Finally I got around and gave my “new” listings their graphics for the owned page.

I am working hard on uploading codes to all my fanlistings—however since the accidental wipe there are still a lot that need new ones.

Application time

Posted Sep 23, 2010. Leave a comment?

I know I said to myself—I need to make a few buttons for fanlistings before I apply again ….

However, I was sitting there checking my wishlist and realised that some listings have not been updated since April. They were both removed and now I just had to apply.

One being Methos from Highlander and the other is the tv show Kindred the Embraced.

Good stuff.

A forced break

Posted Aug 31, 2010. Leave a comment?

Somehow I have just realised it has been nearly 2 month since I posted here and longer since I did anything more than just updating or approving members.

Hopefully this will change. Stupid heat did not sit well with me and lucky me caught a really nasty summer flu. So I had little time for real life stuff and other things—and of course real life goes first however little fun it might offer.

I should be sorting out affiliate links and new requests as soon as possible—but please understand if it might take some time.

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