General Credits

This is a non proft webpage. No copyright infrigement is intended, pictures used on this site belong to their rightful owners and are taken from various places. If necessary I will take them down immediately.

But it is not meant as an insult or as a way to claim them as my own. It is simple admiration and a need to remain a bit longer with the subject - when the books is closed, the movie over and the series concluded.

The layout was made by me Barbayat using the text editor UltraEdit-32. Unless otherwise stated blends, buttons and fanart is also made by me with the following programs: (only used in older layouts) and Photoshop CS2 and for imagemaps Image Ready CS2.

Here is a list of the brushes and other ressources I use.
Should you think I forgot a credit - please contact me and I correct this error asap.
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