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Cold and Lethargic

Posted Jun 1, 2010. Leave a comment?

That is how I felt for most of this year. It is so cold. First the long winter now this less than pleasant “spring”. On top of that our central heating is broken and was for the entire May. So I am in an out of having a cold, freezing without a jacket in the house and feeling down under most of the time.

So, therefore few buttons have been made and I am really sorry about that. I promise if it ever gets summer again, I will rectify that. For now I just did a complete update of all my listings. Finally, on the 1st as planned. Only this time I had a lot left overs from April.

Even though I am swapped with work, feeling down, I have no problem to update all my listings within the two month frame. I really wonder why some people have such a hard time with that.

Not even posted and …

Posted Apr 29, 2010. Leave a comment?

… already approved.

I meant to post here about applying for Aleera (as well as The Trickster from Supernatural) and now I can already report that I was approved for Aleera.

Applied for an awesome fanlisting

Posted Apr 12, 2010. Leave a comment?

[+] Vampires (General and Miscellaneous)
If such a wonderful listing gets removed, I just have no choice but to apply. Everyone who knows me is probably aware that I am a total vampire nut case and that in my opinion they are the best kind of ficitional characters being so diverse and adaptable.

Although, I very sad it got removed in the first place, but just in case I saved the members list so I can e-mail those who have their e-mail publically displayed should I get it. Maybe I am wrong but I feel this listing is getting lots of applications and I doubt that I will be chosen.

But if I am, I will see that I ask around if maybe someone would be interested in helping me adding more info to the site. I think it would be cool to show the diversity of vampire characters by sorting them into categories according to their abilities and general state. More classic undead vampires, modern vampires who are alive but infected with a virus etc.

I remember times when someone in all seriousness asked me questions about vampires while chatting that indicated that they were in x fandom and knew nothing about other types of vampires. Some even religiously refused to accept other types, like “No, vampires melt in sunlight …” or “Vampires can turn into mist and animals” or “they can not …”

Isn’t that a depressing view considering that with a good (script)writer vampires can basically be anything and still basically be vampires?

Another Application and some thoughts

Posted Mar 3, 2010. Leave a comment?

An unexpected pearl showed up in the adoption section of the TFL messageboard: Kraven from Underworld.

There was no hesitation. Holding back was simply not possible. I know I already own the fanlisting for Erika and I am never going to give her up but that does not mean I can not be insanely fond of Kraven, too.

I guess sometimes I feel like a bit of a hog. Then again, I have nobody signing up for those fanlisting on my KIM list, and I know that some would not even have fanlistings if I did not kept them all. Like with the Lost Boys, I started with the fanlisting for the whole group. Then Marko and Dwayne were removed due to neglect. Those two were always my favs, I applied and got them. Then I was asked if I wanted to adopt Paul or else he would be closed. Naturally, I said yes. I guess the normal reaction would be to adopt the fanlisting for the group out.

But I guess a) nobody ran the listing before I opened it, b) I see so many listings being neglected, closed or adopted out—I hate to see this happening to a fanlisting for a subject so important to me.

I know where my priorities are, I just love running fanlistings. It is somehow important to me to—especially with older fandoms or characters I adore just as much now as I did back when the fandom they are from was big news.

Oh well, aren’t I contemplative today?

Monthly Update completed

Posted Mar 2, 2010. Leave a comment?

This time I did not stop to check for dead urls and to update all my listings (126 at the moment) I needed less than 30 minutes. Of course I always update members who join within 24 hours, so it was just a click, click, click thing.

Point is, I can not understand why it is so hard for some owners to regularly update their listings every two month. At least with the use of a script there is no excuse. Updating over 100 listings manually, might not be such a good idea altogether—but I do not think that without a script I would be running this many listings.

Approvals, Approvals

Posted Feb 20, 2010. Leave a comment?

Currently I am working on finishing my latest four approvals.

In Songs: Bands/Groups 0-M I got Depeche Mode: Walking in my shoes and Garbage: The World is not Enough because nobdoy else applied for it—can you believe that? Those songs are awesome!

At the HatelistingsNetwork I applied and was also quickly approved for Dubbing and Laugh Tracks—because I hate those with the fiery passion of a thousands suns or however that quote went.

Many re-vamps and new buttons

Posted Feb 11, 2010. Leave a comment?

While I am still not through re-adding all those buttons to the fanlistings (simply because I need to make new ones, as I carelessly deleted the fugly old ones …) I have re-vamped and moved many listings in the past days and I am pondering applying for three listings that have been on my mind for some time.

Two in Songs: Bands/Groups 0-M and the other in Characters: TV … oh what to do?

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