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Finally did it

Posted Feb 3, 2010. Leave a comment?

Updated the categories on my joined listings page … it almost took forever and I spotted so many listings that had been removed already. Which means I should make a joined links update, too. Listings come and go so fast, it sometimes seems like I am never going to have everything updated to current links.

Another monthly update

Posted Feb 1, 2010. Leave a comment?

With this regular update on the first of all member’s list (unfortunately not due to actual members joining) I hope I can get back on schedule. The past months have been either busy or gifted me with a slow connection, sometimes both.

Maybe a few more fans will find their way this year to the smaller fanlistings for those many subjects from forgotten fandoms I run.

One problem solved / Thoughts

Posted Jan 18, 2010. Leave a comment?

Ah, I found the missing fanlistings—forgot to re-insert 96-99 and thus I was four listings short on the count.

Which I guess should be time enough to pause and realise that I am owning 124 fanlistings. Some do need new layouts and so on—however as long as I am capable of mainting the list and everything works, I do not feel too bad about this.

Many would not even have a listing and as I have already seen very dedicated owners dropping from the face of the internet world and the listings just fading away, I also do not feel bad about not adopting out just because I have been approved for a wishlister in the same fandom. Not to mention that many listings I own probably would not find a new owner anyway.

Anyone who feels differently is free to comment and tell me about it.

Upgrade to Enth 3.1.5

Posted Jan 18, 2010. Leave a comment?

It was about time, for over a year the new update has been out and I have been avoiding it.

But now I figured out how to do it smoothly. I re-installed Enth, FanUpdate and CodeSort to a new database, re-uploaded everything there and now I can change the config file one by one and the fanlistings will be up and running and all I might have to do is to re-insert a few members that will join while I am in the process.

It might take a while, as I think I forgot to upload a few things in the sql dumb—as I changed a few things and had a few errors … like installing the TAFL categories. Resulting in my listings being under the wrong category. More when I am through chaning everything.

Also, got approved for Priest and [+] Bloodpack from Blade II—my favourite character group and my second favourite member from it. Of course I already own my favourite one: Reinhardt

Wishlist and Ideas updated

Posted Jan 10, 2010. Leave a comment?

Just made a small update for my wishlist—I can’t deny any more just how fond I have become of Dean from Supernatural, so I put him on. Not that I think I have much of a chance of ever getting him—but it is a wish list, isn’t it?

Also updated the ideas list—after all I did apply for A taste of Blood Wine and Ivanhoe (1952).

And I would so apply for more, but I did promise myself to work on the buttons issue and re-vamping some listing with not so pretty layouts first.

2 Apps pending and General Update

Posted Jan 9, 2010. Leave a comment?

No posts this year—so I thought I mention the state of things.

Currently I am working on stuff for the university. Inbetween, I am updating those listings where nobody has joined—but I am in no hurry as I did the last update 4-5 weeks ago, so I am still covered. Not to mention some listings got new members, not just those who get them regularly.

I finished the fanlisting for [url=http://atasteofbloodwine.bloody-fangs.org]A taste of Blood Wine[/url] by Freda Warrington—so I only have two other applications pending: both Blade II related. The fanlisting for Priest (my 2nd favourite Bloodpack member) and the listing for the pack itself. Could not resist. Part of me is sad that they have been removed … hopefully some of the members will re-join. (Yeah, I guess I am pretty much counting on being approved, as they are not exactly highly popular subjects although they should be. Hell, the Bloodpack should get their own movie!)

Injury and new apps

Posted Dec 19, 2009. Leave a comment?

Great, so I hurt my neck and I can not sit for long at the computer—but it is getting better. However, my plans to dish out some more new buttons and make screencaps for new layouts (cause my old ones are too few to be of use) are delayed.

Troubles updates are not on hold however and two more character fanlistings have been removed that are simply irresistable. Not to mention LOST BOYS was closed. Of course I had to apply, this movie is so awesome—I am not sure what is worse, seeing the first one being removed for troubles with almost 700 members or this one just being closed.

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