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I hate the 1st April!

Posted Apr 1, 2009. Leave a comment?

The whole day lots of people who are not funny will try out their lame jokes on you—maybe that would be a good subject for a hatelisting. Anyway, while it was still March I applied for three more fanlistings.

I think I will get a negative on the other two applications I sent in somewhere in March—but as long as I am not sure, I won’t go too apply happy. Two of the new apps are Babylon 5 related. I already started by watching “In the Beginning” and “The Gathering” and will spend the month in the nostalgic pleasure of Babylon 5 taking notes for an extended extra section for my current and future Babylon 5 listings. Babylon sure is the show with the highest density of characters I admire, I really do not know why I have waited sooo long to apply for Jeffrey Sinclair (Valen) and Neroon.
The last one is for a movie, a wishlister that was removed when I was swapped with work and that is still open! In a way it is also Babylon 5 related, same actor in the lead and one of the regulars is playing a minor character. A cookie for you if you know what movie I am talking about!

Also, I went through half of my listings and noted down what needs fixing (like a new layout, more buttons, more information on the subject etc.) and will continue tomorrow with the rest. In some cases I need to make screencaps, but all in all, I am anxious to get going.


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