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Overhaul and other updates

Posted Apr 12, 2009. Leave a comment?

You might notice that the menue on the right has changed from an image map to a more divided css styled menue. I wanted to do this for quite some time, as the hosting section was closed and will remain closed till I have re-vamped all my listings. Granted wishes and adopted listings are now easier to find, for those who are curious.

Indeed I have been blessed with many wishlisters, although most of them because they were removed due to neglect, only three wishlister I got through adoption. All in all my adopted listings consist about a quarter of all my fanlistings. As a result my wishlist has become significantly smaller.

My two newest wishes granted are Dorian Gray (the character) and TRON (the movie).

As far as fanlisting updates are concerned, I overhauled my five Eternal Hunger fanlistings, worked a bit on the [+] Agents [Matrix series] fanlisting and sent in the finished form for Jeffrey Sinclair (Valen) [Babylon 5].

But I am not entirely finished with those as some of them require more buttons, although I am pretty proud about all the codes I have made so far.


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