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Button Statistics

Posted Dec 5, 2009. Leave a comment?

Currently I got 5606 listed at my collective. 481 of these are donated codes for fanlistings, 39 are for my fanlistings collective and 5126 are buttons made by me for my listings.

As I got currently 121 fanlistings that makes about roughly 42 codes per fanlisting. Including the donated codes that would be about 46 codes per listing. However, currently 43 listings have no buttons, 4 have only donated buttons leaving 74 listings with buttons made by myself.

That means the current avarage of codes for listings with buttons is 69 codes, with donations that is about 72 codes per listing.

Yes, I know 43 listings without buttons—but I am working on it. But the old ones were just too fugly—I deleted them all thinking I be much faster with re-creating them. While I like making codes, at one point you just need to take a break from it.


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