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Upgrade to Enth 3.1.5

Posted Jan 18, 2010. Leave a comment?

It was about time, for over a year the new update has been out and I have been avoiding it.

But now I figured out how to do it smoothly. I re-installed Enth, FanUpdate and CodeSort to a new database, re-uploaded everything there and now I can change the config file one by one and the fanlistings will be up and running and all I might have to do is to re-insert a few members that will join while I am in the process.

It might take a while, as I think I forgot to upload a few things in the sql dumb—as I changed a few things and had a few errors … like installing the TAFL categories. Resulting in my listings being under the wrong category. More when I am through chaning everything.

Also, got approved for Priest and [+] Bloodpack from Blade II—my favourite character group and my second favourite member from it. Of course I already own my favourite one: Reinhardt


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