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One problem solved / Thoughts

Posted Jan 18, 2010. Leave a comment?

Ah, I found the missing fanlistings—forgot to re-insert 96-99 and thus I was four listings short on the count.

Which I guess should be time enough to pause and realise that I am owning 124 fanlistings. Some do need new layouts and so on—however as long as I am capable of mainting the list and everything works, I do not feel too bad about this.

Many would not even have a listing and as I have already seen very dedicated owners dropping from the face of the internet world and the listings just fading away, I also do not feel bad about not adopting out just because I have been approved for a wishlister in the same fandom. Not to mention that many listings I own probably would not find a new owner anyway.

Anyone who feels differently is free to comment and tell me about it.


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