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Another Application and some thoughts

Posted Mar 3, 2010. Leave a comment?

An unexpected pearl showed up in the adoption section of the TFL messageboard: Kraven from Underworld.

There was no hesitation. Holding back was simply not possible. I know I already own the fanlisting for Erika and I am never going to give her up but that does not mean I can not be insanely fond of Kraven, too.

I guess sometimes I feel like a bit of a hog. Then again, I have nobody signing up for those fanlisting on my KIM list, and I know that some would not even have fanlistings if I did not kept them all. Like with the Lost Boys, I started with the fanlisting for the whole group. Then Marko and Dwayne were removed due to neglect. Those two were always my favs, I applied and got them. Then I was asked if I wanted to adopt Paul or else he would be closed. Naturally, I said yes. I guess the normal reaction would be to adopt the fanlisting for the group out.

But I guess a) nobody ran the listing before I opened it, b) I see so many listings being neglected, closed or adopted out—I hate to see this happening to a fanlisting for a subject so important to me.

I know where my priorities are, I just love running fanlistings. It is somehow important to me to—especially with older fandoms or characters I adore just as much now as I did back when the fandom they are from was big news.

Oh well, aren’t I contemplative today?


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