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Applied for an awesome fanlisting

Posted Apr 12, 2010. Leave a comment?

[+] Vampires (General and Miscellaneous)
If such a wonderful listing gets removed, I just have no choice but to apply. Everyone who knows me is probably aware that I am a total vampire nut case and that in my opinion they are the best kind of ficitional characters being so diverse and adaptable.

Although, I very sad it got removed in the first place, but just in case I saved the members list so I can e-mail those who have their e-mail publically displayed should I get it. Maybe I am wrong but I feel this listing is getting lots of applications and I doubt that I will be chosen.

But if I am, I will see that I ask around if maybe someone would be interested in helping me adding more info to the site. I think it would be cool to show the diversity of vampire characters by sorting them into categories according to their abilities and general state. More classic undead vampires, modern vampires who are alive but infected with a virus etc.

I remember times when someone in all seriousness asked me questions about vampires while chatting that indicated that they were in x fandom and knew nothing about other types of vampires. Some even religiously refused to accept other types, like “No, vampires melt in sunlight …” or “Vampires can turn into mist and animals” or “they can not …”

Isn’t that a depressing view considering that with a good (script)writer vampires can basically be anything and still basically be vampires?


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