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Cold and Lethargic

Posted Jun 1, 2010. Leave a comment?

That is how I felt for most of this year. It is so cold. First the long winter now this less than pleasant “spring”. On top of that our central heating is broken and was for the entire May. So I am in an out of having a cold, freezing without a jacket in the house and feeling down under most of the time.

So, therefore few buttons have been made and I am really sorry about that. I promise if it ever gets summer again, I will rectify that. For now I just did a complete update of all my listings. Finally, on the 1st as planned. Only this time I had a lot left overs from April.

Even though I am swapped with work, feeling down, I have no problem to update all my listings within the two month frame. I really wonder why some people have such a hard time with that.


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