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2008 New Year’s Check

Posted Jan 1, 2008. Leave a comment?

All fanlistings have been updated and should read updated on the 1st January, the next step is to make sure the fanlisting faq and the new text above the buttons is up on all listings and that the footer reflects that we have a new year.

I didn’t think of doing this last year, but here is a small report on my collective.

On the first January 2008 I run a total of 94 fanlistings, I never adopted one out so far and I don’t plan too. Characters: Book/Movie is the category where most of my fanlistings are listed. In average 1.61 fans join my listings per day (not counting the ridiculous amount of spam I received, especially during the holidays) which amounted to 3363 members listed alltogether. That is about 35,7 members per listing. The newest fanlisting is Dororo, the oldest is the Marcus Cole fanlisting (which is adopted). The smallest listings with only one member are Battlestar Galactica Classic Book Series, Jan Tenner and of course Dororo. The largest adopted listing is Selina Kyle / Catwoman from Batman Returns with 453 members, the largest listing started by me, is the Alcohol Hatelisting, the largest fanlisting started by me is the one for John Kramer—the Jigsaw killer from Saw.


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